Abundance Hen (Leyla Torres) and Chick (Simon Anderson)

Abundance Hen (Leyla Torres) and Chick (Simon Anderson)

A really Pleased Easter all people!!!

“Mother Hen is training her minor types how to hide the chocolade eggs, so that the ‘humans’ can glimpse for them.”
This hunting for eggs for the duration of Easter is a around the globe custom in many cultures.

The origami hen is referred to as “Abundance Hen” and is a layout by Leyla Torres. The chicken is a model from Simon Anderson. They match fantastic alongside one another, whilst the folding proces is distinctive.
Both of those can be utilised as boxes way too, as you can see in this article. The hen has unique feathers. Every single feather is a written fortune information, the “Ten-2nd Bash Fortune”. Also an strategy by Leyla.
The chickens carry an egg and I extra the party fortune strategy as a minor tail.

“Abundance Hen” is folded from 21×21 cm, duo-coloured paper.
The chickens from a sq. from 5, 7,5, 8, 8,5 cm with German tekst on it, stating ‘Frohe Ostern’ -))

For every model Leyla Torres has created a tutorial on
her site.

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